Creating a Scene: Valentine Coffee Cafe

Creating a Scene: Valentine Coffee Cafe


Hello! It's Kari here today with a video to share. I'm creating a scene (on a card!) for you today using the Java Joes stamp set. I have all the heart eyes for this set, and I knew it would be perfect for building a Valentine Coffee Cafe!

This is a fun card to create...and it's a Mini Slimline size! The Coffee Cafe stamp is a perfect fit! Watch the video below to see how this card came together:

I pulled in a few other stamps to finish off this cute Cafe...the Pumpkin Spice Gnomes set has the PERFECT cobblestones to make this feel like a quaint little cafe. And that sentiment is from the Fall Bouquet stamp set. I just love the font on the "Love You always."

For some interest, there's a bit of dimension on that awning and on the topiaries. To make the bricks and cobblestone look more 3D, I added a bit of shading. And that chalkboard sign is heat embossed with hearts and popped up with a double foam layer.

I hope you love this little Valentine Corner Cafe scene as much as I do! See you soon,

Kari V.

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