Ins & Outs: Quatrefoil

Ins & Outs: Quatrefoil

Hi and welcome back! Today i'm so happy about my own creation… haha. I love how it turned out in the end! 

It started out great. I loved the new Ins & Outs: Quatrefoil stencil and I chosed a beautiful springi green shade. I also used a Heirloom Blooms to create some texture. Then things started to go sideways… I chose the wrong color of green for my Medium Polka Dots and I didn't like how it looked at all… I saved it by using a white pigment ink on top to soften the green down. Then I went to remove my ins part of the Quatrefoil stencil and ripped my paper… If you want to see how I fixed my mistake please head on over to the video I created. 

 I hope you enjoyed this and got some inspiration.

Happy saturday everyone!

// Emelie

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