Leprechaun Gnome

Leprechaun Gnome

Hello, it's Kari here today with a very lucky video! Today we are making a rainbow with only 3 colors, and creating a Leprechaun from a Gnome. These are fun techniques and I can't wait to share them with you over on my video. 

Watch it below or in HD on YouTube:

 This Gnome was perfect for making a Leprechaun, and I think that rainbow key is calling its name! I turned the cinnamon stick into a golden staff, and his pumpkin on the hat into a golden coin. (all lucky elements on this card)!

I used some of the Dazzle Dust in Moody Blues on this card...for both the background matting and the stripes on the Leprechaun. I think that Leprechauns probably need glittery pants, don't you? That Dazzle Dust is amazing, turning colors in the light. I hope you can see this very well in the video.

Here's a closer look...see how it changes from a blue to a green?! It's pretty awesome.

I hope you enjoy this card and video! I'll see you soon with more cards to share!

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