Mixing It Up - Cloudy Heart Rainbow
Welcome back!  Back in the fall, during our Halloween Release, my super talented teamie, Brenda created a gorgeous card with a cloudy rainbow background and one of our Miss Ink fans asked if there was a tutorial and I promised to see what I could do and I was finally able to sit down and create one with photos!  The hardest part is just figuring out the order to add each layer.  Here's how I did it:
I started with the Cloud Hearts stencil and four Atelier Ink colors in Bee Sting Yellow, Marigold Orange, Sweet Petunia Pink and My Jam Purple. (When we're done here you can click on that link for the stencil and see Brenda's original card.)  I sprayed the back of the largest Cloud Heart in the set with Pixie Spray, waited about 30 seconds and laid it over a white die cut panel and blended each of the colors in the stencil just at the edges and darkest at the edge with a fade.  I did not blend the entire area.
Then I did the same with the smaller Cloud Heart in the set lining up the stencil with the lines for the large heart so that it would be centered.  Again I made the ink darkest at the edges but this time I blended the entire space.  The darker you can get the edges the more visible this center heart will be.  I also tried to offset the colors a bit from the larger heart.
As you can see both hearts are nicely defined and it leaves a really cool dimensional look!
Next I masked off the heart with the Cloud Heart insert and then used the Scene Builder Clouds stencil and laid it over the panel and masked area and started blending from the top down, lightest to darkest.  To make it easier for yourself you could tape off the cloud outlines in the center of the stencil to avoid any stray ink on your piece.  I did have a couple oopsies, but the colored layers covered them up just fine.
I did wash my stencil off in between colors to keep each layer's color in tact as I worked my way down the panel.  Once I got to the bottom I just blended a bit of the last color onto the bottom to give the feeling that the clouds kept going and going..
Finally I laid the largest Cloud Heart stencil over the top again, lining it up with the blended heart and then laid the Sparkles stencil over that and added some Gold Glitter Luna Paste through it to add the sparkly sparkles.
I set the panel aside to dry and stamped, cut and colored my unicorn and butterflies from the Lovely Unicorns stamp set as well as stamping and cutting out the sentiment.
And finally I just added all of my images and sentiment with some thin foam tape, a few sequins and done!
Easy peasy?...lol!  It really wasn't bad once I figured out the layers so hopefully this will help you get started quickly if you decide to give this cool background Brenda came up with a try!
Thanks so much for stopping and I hope you enjoyed it!  Come again soon!