Stencil Envelope Liners

Stencil Envelope Liners

Hello Friends! Emily here (@popsofpaper) sharing something a little different in celebration of Stencil Week. I’m relatively new to stencils and they are becoming one of my favorite card making accessories second to envelopes liners. Then I had a lightbulb moment that I could create custom envelope liners with stencils! I used all four of the newly released stencils to create my envelope liners (Waves, Stripes, Chevron and Scallop). There’s also a stencil bundle with all four of the new stencils.

A couple envelope liner tips:

  • Use a lighter-weight paper for your liner—stay away from heavy card stock or you’ll have a hard time sealing your card—yes, I have learned this from trial and error. I use a roll of non-coated white wrapping paper that I picked up at my local craft store but I’ve also used nice copy/text weight paper. 
  • Find an envelope that you love and create a liner template or find a template or die that fits your envelope. I love the envelopes from the Paper Source and they have a great envelope liner template set that I used for this project.
  • When creating your template, make sure you take into account the envelope seal so your liner doesn’t get in the way of the envelope seal. 
  • When you adhere your liner to your card, first insert the liner into the envelope and then adhere only the top portion of the liner with adhesive. Close your envelope to create a nice fold and use a bone folder for a crisper fold. 

A couple stenciling tips:

  • Pixie Spray is seriously stencil magic. A quick spray to your stencil and wait for about a minute and then “adhere” your stencil to your paper. No magnets or washi tape needed to keep your stencil in place while adding your ink, paste or gel.
  • I really enjoy using blending brushes with my stencils for ink application and spatulas for paste, glitter, etc. 
  • Wash your stencils right away after applying your ink but also be ok that your stencils will stain with lots of use/love and attention.

Creating Envelope Liners with Stencils:

  1. Prep your stencil with Pixie Spray and adhere to your paper surface.
  2. Pick out some fun ink colors that match your card and/or envelope. I used Distress Oxide Inks for all of my liners. 
  3. Use a blending tool (I used blending brushes) to apply ink to your stencil using light motion. Blend extra ink colors for extra dimension.
  4. Carefully and satisfying, remove the stencil from your paper to see your final design.
  5. Trace your liner template with a light pencil on the stenciled design and cut out your liner. Insert your liner into your envelope. 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you enjoyed my bright, cheerful and quick and simple stenciled envelope liners and it inspires you create your own. Happy Stenciling!

Big Paper Hugs!


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